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About us..

Pepprina Farmhouses

Pepprina Farmhouses was established in 1986.  It is owned and managed by Joe and Josephine Azzopardi.


This family run business embraces the two exquisite farmhouses Camomilla and Pepprina both located in the tranquil village of Għarb.  These rustic houses are the ideal retreat for people who want to relax in a peaceful and rural yet luxurious style.


On the other hand, Marsalforn is a tourist resort on Gozo’s north coast.  Originally a fishing village, nowadays it is characterised by its beach-side cafes and restaurants, making it the perfect location to enjoy the sea and the Mediterranean cuisine.  The Apartments are located right over the seafront and you can spend the evening on the balcony sipping a glass of wine and savouring the splendid views.


We care !


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